dir. Nina Paley
Fig Tree
"Fig Tree"
dir. Aalam-warqe Davidian
To Dust
"To Dust"
dir. Shawn Snyder
The Mover
"The Mover"
dir. Dāvis Simanis


For three thousand years, the Jewish people have been scattered around the world. That is why Jewish cinema is created in many different countries, alongside with special festivals that select and showcase those films. The Jewish Film Festival® in Moscow became the first of its kind in Russia. It was founded in 2015 and has been held annually ever since.



  • Carl Laemmle

    Carl Laemmle (2019)

    Category: Documentary Feature
    Country: USA
    Duration: 90 min

    This is the detailed life story of Carl Laemmle, an entrepreneurial German immigrant of Jewish ancestry, who created the famous Universal Studios. He was one of the first executives who did not hesitate to hire women as directors, cinematographers and screenwriters. During the WWII he greatly angered Hitler.

  • The Interpreter

    The Interpreter (2018)

    Category: Narrative Feature
    Country: Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Austria
    Duration: 114 min

    Gentle and ironic Slovakian road-movie brings us into the very heart of old Europe that has been irrevocably changed and cannot be recognized beneath the wounds left by World War II.

  • Fig Tree

    Fig Tree (2018)

    Category: Narrative Feature
    Country: Israel, Germany, France, Ethiopia
    Duration: 93 min

    The year is 1989 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The power is in the hands of dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam, who recruits soldiers for his army from the streets. Mina, the sixteen-year-old Jewish girl, tries to survive in this surreal autocratic regime. Mina’s family plans to move to Israel...

  • City of Joel

    City of Joel (2018)

    Category: Documentary Feature
    Country: USA
    Duration: 83 min

    The city after which the film is named is, in fact, a Hasidic village to the north of New York City, which became so successful in following the 613 rules of the Talmud that its population grew too large for its territory.


  • Timur Weinstein

    Timur Weinstein

    President of the jury


    General producer of the NTV television company, member of the International Academy of EMMI, Academy of Russian Television, Russian Academy of Cinematographic Arts.

  • Artem Vasilyev

    Artem Vasilyev


    CEO of METRAFILMS Studio. Producer of such films as "Paper Soldier", "A Room and a Half", "Act of Nature", "Under the Electric Clouds", "Anna's War", "Dovlatov", "The Humorist".

  • Nigina Sayfullaeva

    Nigina Sayfullaeva

    Director and screenwriter

    Russian film director, screenwriter and producer. The creator of such films as "About love. Only for adults", "What is my name", "Loyalty".



5th Moscow Jewish Film Festival will take place at several cultural platforms of Moscow
on 23-30 June 2019

  • Еврейский музей и центр толерантности

    Obraztsova st., 11, bld. 1А

  • Центр Документального Кино

    Zubovskiy blvd., 2

  • Киноцентр Октябрь

    Noviy Arbat st., 24

  • ГУМ Кинозал

    Red square., 3, GUM

  • МЕОЦ

    2nd Vysheslavtsev per., 5A, Moscow

  • Москино Звезда

    Zemlyanoy Val, 18-22, bld. 2

  • Москино Космос

    m. VDNH, Prospect Mira, 109

  • Книжники

    Obraztsova St., 19/2, p.1