The Disappeared

The Disappeared

Category: Out of competition, Experimental.

Age limitations : 12+

The Disappeared(2018)

Country: Germany, Israel

Duration: 46 min


Genre: documentary

Director: Gilad Baram, Adam Kaplan

Screenplay: Gilad Baram, Adam Kaplan

Composer: Eldad Lidor

Category: Out of competition, Experimental

Age limitations : 12+


The Disappeared follows the story of an action-feature film produced by the Israeli Army in 2000 and then censored just a few weeks before its release. Titled Hane’elam (The Disappeared) in Hebrew, the original film was intended to address a contentious subject in Israeli society and one of the military’s absolute taboos – the rising number of soldier suicides. The ambitious production was of a scope rarely seen in the local film industry at the time and included hundreds of soldier-extras, an entire armored brigade, military helicopters, and special operations personnel. With a lavish budget and a cast of leading Israeli actors, shooting commenced in multiple locations around the country, among them also a top-secret missile base. Soon after editing began and preparations for its commercial, nation-wide distribution were underway, The Disappeared disappeared. 

Rewards and nominations

  • Berlin International Film Festival 2018 - Official Selection
  • Copenhagen International Documentary Festival CPH:DOX 2018 - Official Selection


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