Escape from Room 18

Escape from Room 18

Category: Out of competition, Documentary Feature.

Age limitations : 16+

Escape from Room 18(2017)

Country: USA, Israel

Duration: 59 min


Director: Daniel Brea
Producers: Daniel Brea, Yan Fisher-Romanovsky, Mathew Teofilo, Roman Yavorskii 
Cinematographer: Daniel Brea
Editor: Daniel Brea
Cast: Gleb Kaminer, Ruth Daly, John Daly, Judy Boyd, Zvi Ram, Rafa Garcia, Kevin Connell

Category: Out of competition, Documentary Feature

Age limitations : 16+


Two American ex-neo-Nazi Skinheads, one of them Jewish and living in Israel, meet in Eastern European concentration camps to re-connect with each other and make amends for their past after 25 years of silence.