Abulele Abulele Abulele

Abulele (2015)

Country: Israel

Duration: 90 min


Genre: Animation, Adventure, Family
Director: Jonathan Geva
Screenplay: Jonathan Geva
Producer: Eran Barel, Yoni Cohen, Jonathan Doweck, Eitan Mansuri
Cinematographer: Giora Bejach
Composer: Haim Frank Ilfman
Editor: Omer Zaitman
Cast: Yoav Sadian, Bar Paly, Idan Barkai, Makram Khoury, Yehuda Mor, Oded Leopold

Category: Out of competition, Narrative Feature

Age limitations: 6+


Adam, a ten year-old, meets, Abulele, an ancient monster, huge, friendly and invisible. Soon the two become best friends. But when a government Special Forces unit arrives to capture Abulele, Adam will have to put his own past behind him in order to save his friend, and learn that when you really love someone, you are never really alone.

Rewards and nominations

  • Israeli Film Academy - Ophir Award for Best Music
  • Israeli Film Academy - Ophir Award for Best Makeup


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