The head representative of the Jewish Agency Beni Lidskyi got acquainted with the preparation steps of the festival

The Jewish agency for Israel continues to support the 1st Moscow Jewish Film Festival.
The state of Israel was created 67 years ago as a home for the Jewish people. A home that would support spirituality, tradition and culture. We see today that this development goes on. Cinematography is a great instrument to find out about our heritage, our history, our today and our future. I find it very import to support such initiatives and wish great success to the 1st Moscow Jewish Film Festival as well as the other ones that hopefully will be in the future,
— says Beni Lidskyi.
The Jewish Agency for Israel was the first organization that supported the committee and became a main partner of the Moscow Jewish Film Festival.

This support was crucial for the existence of our project. Only from that point we could take a step from an idea to actual realization of our dream,
— comments MJFF general producer Egor Odintsov.