Category: Out of Competition, Retro.

Age limitations : 16+

Marek Najbrt


Country: Czech Republic, Germany

Duration: 98 min

Director: Marek Najbrt

Genre: Drama

Screenplay: Robert Geisler, Benjamin Tuček, Marek Najbrt

Producers: Milan Kuchynka, Pavel Strnad

Operators: Miloslav Holman

Composer: Petr Marek

Cast:Jana Plodková, Marek Daniel, Klára Melíšková, Sandra Nováková, Jan Budař, Martin Myšička

Category: Out of Competition, Retro

Age limitations : 16+


It is 1938 and the Nazis are just one step away from invading and occupying Czechoslovakia. Hana is a young Czech film actress who also happens to be Jewish. She has just appeared in her first feature with her leading man, an older Jewish actor, who warns her that her career is over and that their picture will never see the light of day since the Nazis will never allow its release. He hands her a forged passport and papers to get out of the country but she throws them in the trash, not believing what he says about the imminent German invasion one bit.