Chopin Nocturne

Chopin Nocturne

Category: Out of Competition, Retro.

Age limitations : 12+

Efraim Sewela

Chopin Nocturne(1992)

Country: Russia, USA

Duration: 68 min

Director: Efraim Sewela

Genre: Melodrama

Screenplay: Efraim Sewela

Operators: Mārtiņš Oskars Kleins

Cast: Alla Kliouka, Leonid Meisel, Lyudmila Arzhannikova, Juris Pljavinsh, Arthur Equis

Category: Out of Competition, Retro

Age limitations : 12+


Only the two main characters in the film: he is a young and talented pianist from a Jewish family, who arrived in a small resort town on the Baltic Sea, and she is - a simple country girl, a servant in his house. Love connects their lives. And the fate sends them ordeals: war, persecution of the Nazis, separation, death ...