The Divorce

The Divorce
The Divorce The Divorce The Divorce
David Scheinmann, Danny Scheinmann

The Divorce (2014)

Country: UK

Duration: 17 min

Director: David Scheinmann, Danny Scheinmann

Genre:  Short, Comedy, Drama

Screenplay: Danny Scheinmann

Producers: Miranda Ballesteros

Operators: John Lee

Composer: Andrew T. Mackay

Editor: Russ Clapham

Cast:Kareem Adeshina, Dean Apoussidis, Sara Carver, Natahlia Colbourne

Category: Competition, Short

Age limitations: 16+


Jason and Olivia have been married for ten years and the joy has left their relationship. They go to the Rabbi to ask for a divorce, but he sets them a rather unorthodox challenge.