To Life!

To Life!

Category: Competition, Documentary Feature.

Age limitations : 12+

Jean-Jacques Zilberman

To Life!(2014)

Country: France

Duration: 104 min

Director: Jean-Jacques Zilberman

Genre: Drama

Screenplay: Odile Barsky, Daniel D'Antoni, Jean-Jacques Silbermann

Producer: Denis Caro, Marie Masmonteyl

Director of photography: Remi Chevre

Composer: Eric Slabyak

Artist: Olivier Berio

Editor: Joël Van Effenterr

Cast: Julie Depardieu, Johanna ter Stekhov, Suzanne Clément, Hippolyte Girardot, Matia Mlekyuz


Category: Competition, Documentary Feature

Age limitations : 12+


Deported to Auschwitz just before her twentieth birthday, Hélène gets to know Lili, a Dutchwoman, and Rose, who is French like herself. In the camp, the three women help each other survive, but once liberation arrives, they go their separate ways. Back in Paris Hélène rejoins the man of her life, who also suffers from the traumas of the camps. Fifteen years later, she meets Lili again, who suggests they spend a week at Berck-sur-mer in northern France, where Rose will join them for what will become an annual ritual.

Rewards and nominations

  • Lumiere Awards, France 2015 - Nominated:CST Award