The Last Mentsch

The Last Mentsch

Category: Competition, Documentary Feature.

Age limitations : 12+

Pierre-Henry Salfati

The Last Mentsch(2014)

Country: Germany

Duration: 89 min

Director: Pierre-Henry Salfati

Genre: Drama
Screenplay: : Pierre-Henry Salfati, Almut Ghetto
Producer: Sylvain Bursztejn
Operator: Felix von Muralt
Composer: Dürbeck & Dohmen
Editor: Regina Bärtschi, Hansjörg Weißbrich
Cast: Mario Adorf, Katarina Derr, Hannelore Elsner, Herber Leiser

Category: Competition, Documentary Feature

Age limitations : 12+


Born Mena’hem Teitelbaum, Marcus Schwarz has denied his Jewish heritage all his life. After surviving the horrors of Auschwitz, he sought to forget the trauma by creating a new identity for himself in Germany, one without Jewish friends or ties. Now faced with his own mortality, he suddenly decides he wants to be buried in a Jewish cemetery. But much to his dismay, his word is not enough for the rabbis; he must prove that he is, in fact, Jewish. But with all his family gone and no remaining records, he has no evidence, save for the faded tattoo on his forearm. Marcus’s only hope is to return to the Hungarian village he grew up in to try to find proof of his birth. 

Rewards and nominations

  • St. Louis International Film Festival, USA 2014- Winner: Audience Choice Award Best Feature Film
  • San Diego Jewish Film Festival, USA 2015 - Winner: Audience Award Best Narrative Feauture