Towards Jerusalem

Towards Jerusalem

Category: Out of competition, Special screenings.

Age limitations : 12+

Towards Jerusalem(1990)

Country: Austria

Duration: 85 min


Director: Ruth Beckermann
Screenplay: Ruth Beckermann
Director of Cinematography: Nurith Aviv
Editor: Gertraud Luschützky


Category: Out of competition, Special screenings

Age limitations : 12+


What became of the dream of a jewish homeland? On the road from the west towards Jerusalem. A documentary road movie: trucks, gas stations, construction workers, soldiers, Russian refugees, taxi drivers, security guards... Encounters on a mere 40 miles with divers landscapes and individual stories.

Rewards and nominations

  • Berlin International Film Festival 1991 - Official Selection
  • Festival Dei Popoli 1991 - Official Selection
  • Jerusalem Film Festival 1991 - Official Selection
  • Montreal International Documentary Festival 1991 - Official Selection


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