Wall Wall Wall

Wall (2017)

Country: Israel

Duration: 64 min

Genre: drama
Director: Moran Ifergan
Director of Cinematography: Moran Ifergan
Editor: Moran Ifergan
Composer: Shahaf Wagshall

Nomination: Competition, Documentary Feature

Age limitations: 12+


27 мая 20:30, Documentary Film Center - buy ticket


"You lack inner peace, I can see it in your eyes..."" With this abrupt remark thrown at her by a woman visiting Jerusalem's Wailing Wall, filmmaker Moran Ifergan is reminded of the religion she left in her late teens, when she used to frequent this holy site. While her marriage falls apart, Moran takes us on an around-the-clock journey to the women's side of the Wall; mixing between private and public, sound and image, God and His absence.

Rewards and nominations

  • International Film Festival Docaviv 2017 - Best Israeli Film award
  • International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film 2017 - Official Selection