Fritz Lang

Fritz Lang

Category: Out of competition, Narrative Feature.

Age limitations : 16+

Fritz Lang(2017)

Country: Germany

Duration: 104 min


Genre: drama, biography
Director: Gordian Maugg
Screenplay: Gordian Maugg, Alexander Häusser
Director of Cinematography: Lutz Reitemeier
Editor: Florentine Bruck
Composer: Tobias Wagner 
Cast: Heino Ferch, Thomas Time, Samuel Finzi, Johanna Gastdorf, Lisa Friedrich

Category: Out of competition, Narrative Feature

Age limitations : 16+


Fritz Lang.
He was regarded a genius, an egocentric sex maniac and a sadist. Violence and love became subjects that would not let go of Fritz Lang for the rest of his life. In Vienna, as the son of a violent father, under whom his much-loved Jewish mother suffered. As a soldier in Galicia, where he experienced the horrors of the First World War. And finally as a young director in Berlin, accused of murdering his own wife.
Fritz Lang researches the "Evil" in all of us and in himself.

Rewards and nominations

  • Roma Film Festival 2016 - Official Selection
  • Stockholm Film Festival 2016 - Official Selection
  • Gent International Film Festival 2017 - Official Selection