The Giraffe

The Giraffe

Category: Competition, Narrative Short.

Age limitations : 12+

The Giraffe(2017)

Country: Ukraine

Duration: 18 min


Genre: drama, historical
Director: Anastasia Kirii
Screenplay: Anastasia Kirii
Director of Cinematography: Viktor Petrenko
Editor: Ivan Zaplotynsky, Anastasia Kirii, Viktor Petrenko
Cast: Kristina Melnichenko, Karina Melnichenko, Sergei Korshikov, Alina Kostykova

Category: Competition, Narrative Short

Age limitations : 12+


A little girl from a Jewish family trying to escape to her subconscious from the horrors of the war, but the tough reality breaks through now and then, trying to take away this last source of hope, guarded only by a little toy given once with love.