Category: Competition, Narrative Short.

Age limitations : 12+


Country: USA

Duration: 19 min


Genre: drama, comedy
Director: Pearl Gluck
Screenplay: Pearl Gluck
Editor: Kristan Sprague
Composer: Lisa Gutkin
Cast: Juliet Brett, Emmy James, Thea McCartan

Category: Competition, Narrative Short

Age limitations : 12+


Summer is short film about two teenage girls in a Hasidic sleep-a-way camp who, despite their every effort to maintain their purity, explore a forbidden book which leads them to a sexual awakening neither of them are prepared to encounter. Featuring Thea Mccartan, Juliet Brett, and Emmy James, the film is shot in situ in the heart of Hasidic Upstate New York.

Rewards and nominations

  • New York Jewish Film Festival 2018 - Official Selection
  • SAG/AFTRA Short Film Showcase 2018 - Official Selection
  • Washington DC Jewish Film Festival 2018 - Official Selection