Raquel: A Marked Woman

Raquel: A Marked Woman

Category: Competition, Documentary Feature.

Age limitations : 16+

Gabriela Bohm

Raquel: A Marked Woman(2013)

Country: USA, Argentina

Duration: 34 min.

Director: Gabriela Bohm

Genre: Documentary, Biography

Screenplay: Gabriela Bohm

Producer: Gabriela Bohm, Martin Ganem, Leslie J Yerman

Composer: Richard Martinez

Camera: Guillermo Zappino

Editor: Jonathan Brock

Category: Competition, Documentary Feature

Age limitations : 16+


In early 20th century Argentina, an ordinary mother was torn from her children, and tricked into prostitution. Other women conceded their fate. But not Raquel. The thought of her sons gave her strength to fight back. Her defiance gives voice to those who've been and continue to be sexually exploited.