Wig Shop

Wig Shop

Category: Competition, Narrative Short.

Age limitations : 12+

Wig Shop(2016)

Country: USA

Duration: 16 min


Genre: dark comedy
Director: Kat Coiro
Screenplay: Kat Coiro, Jessica Neuman
Producers: Kat Coiro, Lauren Bratman, Emily Mortimer, Lizzie Nastro, Jessica Neuman, Alessandro Nivola
Cinematographer: M. Autumn Eakin
Editor: Darrin Navarro
Cast: Rachel Keller, Emily Mortimer, Adina Porter

Category: Competition, Narrative Short

Age limitations : 12+


Emily Mortimer portrays a Los Angeles Orthodox woman who uncovers a life-changing secret from a hairdresser along a melting pot stretch of Pico Boulevard.

Rewards and nominations

Jewish Film Festival in Atlanta 2017 - competition program
The Jewish Film Festival in Toronto 2017 - competition program