German Shepherd

German Shepherd

Category: Competition, Documentary Short.

Age limitations : 6+

German Shepherd(2014)

Country: Sweden

Duration: 9,5 min


Genre: Animation
Director: Nils Bergendal
Screenplay: Nils Bergendal
Producers: Nils Bergendal, Gustavo Neiva De Medeiros
Animator: Nils Bergendal
Composer: Hans Appelqvist
Editor: Nils Bergendal
Cast: David Paul

Category: Competition, Documentary Short

Age limitations : 6+


As a Jew growing up in Baltimore, David’s vision of Germany was shaped by the stories of his Holocaust-survivor mother; later in life, he reflects on whether it is possible to overcome this history. Simple in aesthetics yet potent in philosophical introspection, this animated documentary poses difficult questions about the human capacity to forgive unimaginable evil acts.


Rewards and nominations

  • Goteborgs International Film Festival, Sweden, January 2014
  • Pixel Skanes Film Festival, Sweden, April 2014 - Best Film and Best Music
  • Encounters International Film Festival, South Africa, June 2014
  • Toronto International Film Festival, September 2014
  • Chicago International Film Festival, October 2014
  • Heartland Film Festival, USA, October 2014
  • DOK Leipzig, October 2014
  • Uppsala International Film Festival, October 2014