The Bloom of Yesterday

The Bloom of Yesterday

Category: Main Competition, Narrative Feature.

Age limitations : 12+

Chris Kraus

The Bloom of Yesterday(2016)

Country: Germany, Austria, France

Duration: 125 min

Director: Chris Kraus

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Melodrama
Director: Chris Kraus
Screenplay: Chris Kraus
Producer: Philip Evenkamp, Gerd Huber, Danny Krausz, Kathrin Lemme
Cinematographer: Sonja Rom
Composer: Annette Focks
Editor: Brigitta Tauchner
Cast: Lars Eidinger, Adèle Haenel, Jan Josef Liefers, Hannah Herzsprung, Sigrid Marquardt, Rolf Hoppe, Bibiane Zeller, Gerdy Zint, Cornelius Schwalm

Category: Main Competition, Narrative Feature

Age limitations : 12+


A very romantic comedy on the edge of the abyss: in the middle of the deepest life crisis, the Holocaust researcher Toto is assigned an assistant for the congress preparation - Zazie, of Jewish origin and with pronounced Teuto-phobia. The star guest of the congress, a famous actress, suddenly withdraws the promise and between Totos and Zazie's biographies bizarre connections emerge.

Rewards and nominations

  • Tokyo Film Festival - Grand Prix


Along with

Opening Ceremony of the 3rd Moscow Jewish Film Festival Opening Ceremony of the 3rd Moscow Jewish Film Festival