70 Hester Street

70 Hester Street

Category: Competition, Documentary Short.

Age limitations : 0+

70 Hester Street(2014)

Country: USA

Duration: 10 min


Director: Casimir Nozkowski
Screemplay: Casimir Nozkowski
Composer: Alexander Strung
Editor: Casimir Nozkowski
Cast: Casimir Nozkowski, Thomas Nozkowski, Joyce Robins 

Category: Competition, Documentary Short

Age limitations : 0+


A documentary about the old building the director grew up in on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, all the different things it was and how he wants to remember it.

Rewards and nominations

  • 2014 World Premiere Tribeca Film Festival
  • Toronto Jewish Film Festival - Official Selection
  • San Francisco Film Festival - Official Selection
  • Rooftop Films - Official Selection