800 Jews from our Town

800 Jews from our Town

Category: Competition, Documentary Short.

Age limitations : 16+

800 Jews from our Town(2015)

Country: Poland

Duration: 27 min


Director: Filip Luft
Screenplay: Filip Luft
Producer: Filip Luft
Cinematographer:  Maciej Kozłowski
Composer: Ramez Nayyar
Editor: Filip Luft
Cast: Michał Wiśniowski, Aleksandra Rutkowska, Przemysław Jabłecki, Mateusz Kubicki, Aleksandra Ożibko

Category: Competition, Documentary Short

Age limitations : 16+


A group of junior high school pupils from Bircza (a town at the foot of Bieszczady mountains) discover a place where 800 local Jews were murdered during World War II. Today both the place, and the tragic story seem totally forgotten. Teenagers reach the last witnesses and they try to reconstruct the course of the event and to commemorate a forgotten genocide.

Rewards and nominations

  • 2016 - Atlanta Jewish Film Festival
  • 2016 - Los Angeles CineFest
  • 2016 - RapidLion - The South African International Film Festival
  • 2016 - Golden Urartu, Armenia