Curpigeon. The shorter, the better.

Curpigeon. The shorter, the better.

Stephen Mao, David Schneiderov, Konstantin Fam

Category: Educational.

Why directors of feature films are choosing to make short films more and more often? How are gifs, boomerangs and other short videos becoming the major trend in social media? While in Russia this format was being used just for fun, in the western countries it has already begun to be treated as a new curious art form. Stephen Mao, David Shneyderov and Konstantin Fam will have a conversation about trends in the world of modern cinematography and video production.

  • Stephen Mao is an American director and producer, famous for his work on the controversial film adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s novel "Filth". This year Mao’s animation movie "Curpigeon" is part of the Festival’s program. 
  • David Shneyderov is a famous television and radio presenter, a film critic, director, teacher, a member of the Board of The Russian Guild of Film Critics, a member of the Eurasian Academy of TV and Radio
  • Konstantin Fam is a screenwriter, director and producer, the creator of the The trilogy "Witnesses", an international project dedicated to the memory of the Holocaust victims. His work has received multiple Russian and foreign awards. 

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