Public Council

  • Alexander Boroda

    Alexander Boroda

    President of the borad

    Rabbi, Public figure

    The President of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia, Founder and Director General of the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center, a member of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation

  • Yuri Kanner

    Yuri Kanner

    Philanthropist and public figure

    President of the Russian Jewish Congress, Vice President and member of the steering committee of the World Jewish Congress

  • Garry Koren

    Garry Koren


  • Alexander Mitta

    Alexander Mitta

    Film director and screenwriter

    People’s Artist of Russia, director of films "The Border. Taiga Romance", "Dot, dot, comma…", "Air Crew"

  • Susanna Alperina

    Susanna Alperina

    Journalist and writer

    Editor of the humanitarian block at "Rossiyskaya Gazeta - Nedelya", a member of the of the Russian Union of Journalists

  • Dorit Golender

    Dorit Golender

    Diplomat and public figure

    Vice President of Community Relations of the Genesis Philanthropy Group, former Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the State of Israel in the Russian Federation (2010-2015).

  • David Schneiderov

    David Schneiderov

    Television and radio presenter, film critic

    Member of the Board of The Russian Guild of Film Critics, a member of the Eurasian Academy of TV and Radio