Booknik project will presents the animated program of its section “Faces. Day. Memory.” as part of the MJFF’s educational program

Booknik project, the official partner of the 1st Moscow Jewish Film Festival, is enriching the Festival’s program by presenting Israeli animation of the AVI CHAI Foundation. Animation movies of the Foundation are short animated works that explore the topic of war, united by the idea of remembrance of those whose lives it took. Linor Goralik, a writer and essayist, dedicated to them her cycle “Faces. Day. Memory.” This is what she writes about the pictures:
These several short video works turned out to be a perfect illustration of that impossible-to-illustrate complexity that the perception of war turns out to be for Israel. Pain, irritation, pride, fear, memory, political discordance, unity and incompatibility of generational experience - all those would have probably made a linear illustration or a creation of one single plot fail; you either have to write a novel, or create much simpler animation. The “Faces. Day. Memory.” project benefits exactly due to the way the uniting principle of the works matches up with their eclectic execution. It is due to that diverse range of stories that the project turns out to be astoundingly wholesome, and due to the authenticity of the stories themselves it represents the truth at a certain metalevel: intergenerational, scary, tender, sad, full of sensible pride and the feeling of senseless loss. 
As part of the Festival’s educational program Linor will host a discussion "Gates of Heaven: Israeli animation about war and memory" in the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center. The event will be engaging for young (from 10 y.o.) and adult guests of the Festival both. 
Right after conversation with Linor the guests will be able to watch all the animation movies of the series as part of the special screening organized by the Booknik project.