On the 24 of April during the annual jewish education Limud conference the 1st jewish film festival organized a pre- premier screening. A documentary film of Sindi Bernstaein "Night will Fall" that was created from documentary features collected by Alfred Hitchcock

The documentary film "Night Will Fall"  is based on the the archive of the British, American and Soviet armies. It tells about the results of the nazi actions in concentration camps. Alfred Hitchcock edited the draft version of the film cutting. The film has unique footage of the freedom of Dachau, Buchenwald and other concentration camps. 

Recently we have found out that the

The director of Reflexion Films Konstantin Nafikov says:

We think it is very important to show "Night Will Fall" on the Limmud because the film is an educational resource. Through the language of cinematography it speaks about facts in our history that are hard to doubt or reject. It is part of the history of mankind that everyone should know.