• Pavel Lungin

    Pavel Lungin

    President of the jury
    Director, screenwriter and producer

    Laureate of the Cannes Film Festival, the Golden Eagle Award and the Nika Award. Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters (France). Honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts. People's Artist of the Russian Federation.

  • Igor Ugolnikov

    Igor Ugolnikov

    Actor, producer, director, screenwriter

    Honored Artist of the Russian Federation. The author of ideas, general producer, director and screenwriter of films "Brest Fortress", "Battalion" and "WWI, World War One" and many others.

  • Dmitry Astrakhan

    Dmitry Astrakhan

    Film and theatre director, actor, producer

    Honored Art Worker of the Russian Federation, Member of the Public Council of the Russian Jewish Congress

  • Julia Aug

    Julia Aug

    Theatre and film actor and director

    Laureate of the TEFI and Nika Awards. Has played more than 50 parts in different films, such as “Intimate Parts”, “The Student” and “Ekaterina”.

  • Artyom Vitkin

    Artyom Vitkin

    Screenwriter, director, producer

    Creator of films “Kaddish”, “The Dawns Here Are Quiet …”, “The Green Carriage” and “Pure Art”. He participated actively in Jewish youth life in moscow in 90s and 2000s.

  • Elena Khazanova

    Elena Khazanova


    Has created multiple films in Switzerland, France and Russia. Her works include "Love Express", "Game of Words. Translator for the Oligarch" (fr. “La traductrice”), "Sam" and "Petrushka Syndrome" based on the novel by Dina Rubina.

  • Arkady Ukupnik

    Arkady Ukupnik

    Composer, pop singer, actor, music producer

    Producer of technopop band Car-Man, one of creators of the World Jazz Festival, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.