Film festivals dedicated to Jewish culture exist in any big city from Hong Kong to Tucson. Until 2015 Moscow hosted plenty of national film festivals but never had a Jewish one.

Moscow Jewish Film Festival has one simple but very important goal: to give Moscow audience the opportunity to meet and explore the world of Jewish professional cinematography. The Festival aims to chose, collect and show the best Russian and Foreign movies dedicated to Jewish culture. We give the Moscow public an opportunity to join the world jewish discourse by demonstrating rich and thoughtful material.


  • Narrative Feature

    Works that use the language of film to discuss events that a tapestry of histories of a people is made of; to talk about past and present; to explore conflicts, themes, and patterns of Jewish culture through the prism of authorship. 


  • Documentary Feature

    Films in this program category are unified by a conversation about Jewish values, mutual influence of ideas and cultures, issues of identity, controversial images, and the emergence of stereotypes.


  • Narrative Short

    Short feature statements and questions concerning the Jewish world, long gone, present, or yet to be.


  • Documentary Short

    Short documentary statements and questions concerning the Jewish world, authorial explorations of the past and the present. 


Out of Competition

  • Special screenings

    Films that were released recently, yet require extra reflection.
    Special guests turn film screenings into unique events.



  • Educational

    Educational program of the Moscow Jewish Film Festival will include lectures, discussions and workshops that aim at understanding whether there exists a unique language of Jewish cinematography, and what it is made of, when it appeared, how it was developing and is being influenced by modernity; what images have been and are being created through that language and who is that hero that was born by the Jewish culture and sang by its cinematography. We will have conversations with creators of the films from our program, film experts, writers, theologians, musicians, and with each other.


  • Specials

    Opening and closing ceremonies of the Festival, concerts, exhibitions, meetings and other special events designed to decorate the Festival and diversify its program.