"A tale of love and darkness"
dir. Natalie Portman
"Son of Soul"
dir. Laszlo Nemes
dir. Christian Petzold


Film festivals dedicated to Jewish culture exist in any big city from Hong Kong to Tucson. Until 2015 Moscow hosted plenty of national film festivals but never had a Jewish one.

Moscow Jewish Film Festival has one simple but very important goal: to give Moscow audience the opportunity to meet and explore the world of Jewish professional cinematography. The Festival aims to chose, collect and show the best Russian and Foreign movies dedicated to Jewish culture. We give the Moscow public an opportunity to join the world jewish discourse by demonstrating rich and thoughtful material.



  • Alexander Boroda

    Alexander Boroda

    Rabbi, Public figure

    The President of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia, Founder and Director General of the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center, a member of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation

    "Last year Moscow Jewish Film Festival played a big part in getting sophisticated Moscow audience attracted to and interested in Jewish themes in modern Russian cinematography. I am delighted that the Festival is taking place again this year, and that the organizers have prepared engaging program, chosen outstanding cultural venues, and competent and professional jurors. I wish them all the luck in running the Festival!"
  • Ekaterina Mtsitouridze

    Ekaterina Mtsitouridze

    Film expert, TV presenter

    Russian TV presenter, film expert & critic, editor-in-chief of “Variety Russia” magazine, head of ROSKINO, film expert of the First Channel, SPIMF’s concept creator and general producer

    "The rhythm of every megapolis is defined by existing cultural projects. They create its atmosphere and its mood, the unique feel of the city. National film festivals are always a treat. It is doubly important that the Jewish Film Festival is taking place in Moscow, one of the most cosmopolitan capitals of the world, where the Jewish culture is a big and significant part of culture in general. And the more, the closer, the deeper we get to know each other’s souls through the medium of film, the less chances to divide us will be left to politics."
  • Sofia Kapkova

    Sofia Kapkova

    Producer, Cultural figure

    Director of the Documentary film center, general director of the documentary film festival "Center", producer of documentaries and television projects

    "The more diverse, the more interesting Moscow festival life will be, the more will its audience benefit. That is why I was delighted to support the idea of a partnership with the Moscow Jewish Film Festival. Despite the fact that the Festival has its specific theme, there are, in my opinion, only two types of films themselves: the good and the not so good ones. I do hope that the Festival will only show the former!"
  • Aleksey Ageev

    Aleksey Ageev


    Producer of "The Queen of Spades: Black Rite", "Shapito-show", "Indigo", "DuhLess" and TV shows "Zaytsev +1", "Adulteries", "Cool guys"

    "I do not think there is a clear definition of what ‘Jewish cinematography’ is. I think there are films directed by Jews, and there are ones that reflect Jewish themes, no matter who created them. One thing that the latter have in common is respect they share towards the history of our people, its origin and its development. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to watch most of them without tears. I hope that this year we will see a lot of good films."
  • Alexander Mitta

    Alexander Mitta

    Film director and screenwriter

    People’s Artist of Russia, director of "The Border. Taiga Romance", "Dot, dot, comma…", "Air Crew"

    "Marc Chagall is known to have said about himself: "I am now a Jewish artist, I am an artist who’s a Jew." Which one out of 45 Woody Allen’s movies is the most Jewish one? None of them or all of them? The New Testament says that the Son of God incarnated by being born into the family of a Jewish carpenter - is that the question or the answer? Jewish Film Festival is exciting because it explores ethnic contribution into universal human values. And I am intrigued by all the questions that the new films raise."
  • Сергей Мокрицкий

    Sergey Mokritskiy

    Director, operator, screenwriter

    Director of "Teachers’ Day", "Battle for Sevastopol"

    "It is a big honor for me to be part of the jury of the 2nd Moscow Jewish Film Festival. I am confident that it will present a lot of interesting authors, unforgettable meetings, and, above all, great films."


3nd Moscow Jewish Film Festival will take place at several cultural platforms of Moscow
on 12 - 20 June of 2017

  • Еврейский музей и центр толерантности

    Obraztsova st., 11, bld. 1А

  • Центр документального кино

    Zubovskiy blvd., 2

  • ГУМ кинозал

    Red square., 3, GUM

  • КАРО 11 Октябрь

    Noviy Arbat st., 24